Guro Bonjoc was born in the Philippines where he began his martial arts studies at an early age. Under the tutorage of his father Grandmaster Carlito Bonjoc Sr., young Carlito was taugt his first Filipino martial arts system.This was his family's system known as the Cadiz-Lapu Lapu Escrima system.

This system originated in the central Philippines and is based on the double stick movements. Cadiz-Lapu Lapu is very combat effective with or without the use of weapons. As the 4th generation master in the Bonjoc family line, Carlito Jr. teaches the Cadiz system with major emphasis on the Panatokan (Filipino- kickboxing) and Dumog (Filipino-grappling) portions of the system.

Carlito Sr. taught his son to always be open minded towards other systems. Due to this ideology, Carlito Jr. was introduced to other Filipino masters by his father. One of these masters was Roy Ornor. Master Onor taught Carlito the Talawan Largo Mano system. This system is a long-range blade art that focuses on fighting multiple attackers.

In 1979 Carlito Jr. was introduced to the distinguished Grandmaster Angel Cabales. With his father's approval, Carlito learned the Cabales Serrada system. In June of 1983 Carlito Jr.obtained an advanced degree in the Cabales Serrada system. After this achievement, Grandmaster Cabales continued to instruct Carlito privately in the finer points of the Serrada system. Due to this training, Carlito became a knowledgeable and respected Guro in the Angel Cabales Academy.

Today Master Bonjoc continues to teach the Filipino martial arts as he was taught by his masters. Through videos, group instruction, seminars and private lessons, Carlito hopes to share this aspect of Filipino culture with all who wish to learn.



Founder: The late Grandmaster Angel Cabales

Successor: Grandmaster Vincent Cabales

Mata Sa Bagyo CSE Chief Instructor: Guro Carlito Bonjoc Jr

A medium to close range combat style utilizing a short to medium length stick or blade (18 to 21 inches). The use of abaniko strikes (fanning), constant checking, and highly effective reversing and passing techniques makes Serrada a very powerful system.



This system of the Filipino martial arts was brought to the United States from the island of Bohol by the late Master Roy Onor. He taught this system only to a handful of students in his backyard in South Stockton California in the early seventies.

This system is a long range fighting system created with multiple opponents in mind. It is characterized by movements originating from the manipulations of a long bladed Filipino weapon called the Kampilan.


Cadiz Lapu Lapu

This system originated in central Philippines. It is based on the double blade and is highly effective in close range combat with or without weapons. Lapu-Lapu is distinguished by close range trapping, rapid striking and cutting through the utilization of all parts of the weapon ( tip, body and butt ) in each attacking movement or technique.

This system was taught to family members only and was handed down from father to son for four generations. It has only recently been introduced to the general public by the latest successor of the art, Carlito Bonjoc Jr.

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